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Chemical Exposure, Nutrition, & the Environment


On the Road for Climate Action!

The Earth is not Partisan: Taking Climate Change on the Road

​Emmetsburg News - August 14, 2018 - By Darren Fraser

Two educators from California have embarked on a 35-state tour to discuss the realities of climate change, debunk myths and instill hope it is not too late to save the planet. Dr. Shahir Masri holds a PhD from Harvard in environmental science. He is an air pollution scientist at the University of California Irvine. Together with fellow educator, Athina Simolaris, the two have put their careers on hold for the summer as they travel the country expounding on the dangers that face the climate and on the simple steps individuals can take in their lives to reduce humanity's collective carbon footprint. Masri says the public's reaction to the message has been mixed. The couple distribute surveys to those interested in the subject. "I walked into a hunting shop in Utah," says Masri. "Deer heads on the wall; a bunch of antlers stacked in the corner. I was surprised. These people were very interested in climate change."

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Driving The Climate Change Conversation To A Neighborhood Near You

​Huffington Post - August 9, 2018 - By Yvette Cabrera

Among most scientists, there is no debate about the existence of climate change or humanity’s role in global warming. So as he began his career, air pollution scientist Shahir Masri intended to do what scientists do: gather evidence, conduct research and publish papers. But as Masri talked to people in his community and saw the level of misinformation about climate change, he realized he needed to do more. That’s why he and his girlfriend, Athina Simolaris, a high school and middle school teacher, set out from California in early August on a road trip across the country to engage Americans on one of the most pressing issues of our time.   “We’re at a time when action is increasingly important, and every year that we don’t act is one decade, probably, of increased warming that we’re committing ourselves to,” said Masri, 32, a Tustin, California, native.

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Speaking of Climate Change...
Nevada Public Radio - August 09, 2018 - By Heidi Kyser
Every day that Nevadans see another high-temperature record shattered, they wonder: Is this global warming? But for most scientists who study the world's climate, there’s no question anymore. Shahir Masri is a UC Irvine Air Pollution Scientist whose new book debunks 50 common misconceptions about climate change. While he was in Las Vegas last week to speak to the Citizens Climate Lobby, he talked with Nevada Public Radio about common local climate myths and how to address them. The most obvious misconception, Masri said, is that there’s any debate at all. “In fact, when you talk to the scientific community,” he said, “you find that overwhelmingly, scientists agree that climate change is occurring, and it’s predominantly occurring as a result of human activity.”

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Volunteer Spotlight: Shahir Masri & Athina Simolaris

Citizens' Climate Lobby - May 24, 2018  - By Bob Taylor

"This is a huge commitment for young professionals. It would mean interrupting your careers, taking leave from jobs, and foregoing weeks of income. Why are you doing it?
Shahir: In short, because it feels right. I’ve spent a decade studying air pollution and the impacts of climate change, even publishing peer-reviewed studies in recent years. Meanwhile, climate action across the world, and particularly the U.S., has remained minimal. Most scientists such as myself are convinced of the existence and danger of climate change. However, our voices are typically channeled through technical analyses and studies that the public never reads. I think it’s time for scientists to become outspoken advocates...
Athina: Following my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate to travel abroad to many countries and was exposed to unique lifestyles and values people have around the world. These experiences were eye opening. Since I met Shahir, I have learned so much about climate change and the critical point we are at as a global community. I am not a scientist, but the science seems clear. I believe it is our responsibility to get involved..."

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Together we can continue to raise the voice of science and ensure a safe, stable climate
LA Times - May 22, 2018  - By Bob Taylor

"...One local scientist, Shahir Masri, is an air pollution specialist at UC Irvine who is planning a project that captures the energy and commitment of the larger national movement, albeit in a different way. Masri and his partner, Athina Simolaris, a teacher, are embarking on a 10-week, coast-to-coast climate action road tour through 30 states beginning Aug. 1. On their journey this young couple will organize speaking engagements in communities and on campuses to advocate for climate action and identify effective strategies for climate communication. They will be calling on fellow scientists and educators to speak out about the dangers of climate change and urging fellow citizens to make climate policy a central issue in the 2018 midterm elections."

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