Say NO to Offshore Drilling– Public Comment Ends today!

By Shahir Masri - 3/9/18
In April of 2017, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Secretary of the Interior to revisit proposed oil and gas lease sales in coastal waters around the country. Development of a new National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program is now underway. The draft for the Program would make over 98% of the outer continental shelf resources around the country available to possible oil and gas leasing during 2019-2024. Fortunately, we the public get to weigh in and help inform the Secretary on which areas to include for future leasing consideration. 

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This Morning I Gave Trump a Chance

By Shahir Masri - 1/25/17
I recently heard that Trump removed the “climate change” tab from the new White House website. Now to be perfectly honest, I don’t know anything about the old tab because I happen to get my climate science from other sources. Having said that, I was nonetheless interested to read what Trump’s new White House page had to say on the matter. I decided to give Trump a chance on this!

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Clinton vs. Trump on the Environment
By Shahir Masri - 11/4/16

We’re now days away from an important presidential election. You’ve watched them debate. You’ve seen them rally. What you probably haven’t witnessed is either candidate speak to issues of the environment, except for a brief question by beloved Ken Bone of course! Fortunately, both candidates were recently interviewed on these issues by, so we can still gauge and compare their stances and knowledge. In this blog I do just that! Using this Presidential Science Debate 2016interview, I have selected 8 questions that relate specifically to the environment and public health.  To assess the quality of each candidate’s response in the least biased manner, I generated a ranking system through which I scored each response by Trump and Clinton according to 6 separate criteria. 

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Dakota Access Pipeline - The Latest!

​By Shahir Masri - 9/12/16

​I’ve been long-wanting to cover this issues which has been unfolding in North Dakota. It’s heavily tangled in emotion, involving economics and social justice. Or more simply, corporate America vs. Native America. The issue is the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's been all over social media, but peculiarly devoid from most mainstream news.

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Climate Change – At Last U.S. Proposes Federal Regulations!
By Shahir Masri - 10/27/14
On June 2nd of this year, the U.S. for the first time took meaningful action at the federal level to address climate change. This was in the form of the Clean Power Plan rule proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If passed, this landmark rule will regulate carbon emissions from existing facilities of the electric utility industry across the entire nation. Considering power plants are the largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S., this rule would be tremendously impactful, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a projected 30% below 2005 levels by the year 2030!

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Air Pollution: Announced to be Cancerous
By Shahir Masri – 10/17/13
Natural gas (NG) refers mainly to methane (the simplest hydrocarbon), but can also include other gases born from the earth including ethane, propane, and butane.  NG is just one of many sources of energy, others being coal, oil, nuclear, as well as “green” sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal.  Keep in mind that much of these raw resources are simply means of generating electricity, which is why electricity itself isn’t considered an energy source.

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Obama vs. Romney: On Protection from Toxic Pollutants
By Shahir Masri - 10/26/12
We’ve now had two conventions and three presidential debates to familiarize ourselves with the candidates running for office of U.S. president.  Having said that, and given that Election Day is just around the corner (Tuesday, Nov. 6th don’t forget!!), I thought I’d dedicate this brief blog to comparing the two candidates’ proposed policies and track records as they relate to preventing toxic pollution and in turn protecting human health.  While the candidates differ in many other ways with respect to domestic and foreign policy, here are their key differences solely in terms of their impact on pollution in the United States.

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Chemical Exposure, Nutrition, & the Environment



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