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Action Plan

​​Come August 1st, Shahir and Athina will take to the road in a low emissions vehicle. Their journey will begin in California, taking them east through  the great plains, up to New England, down to Florida, and back over a period of 11 weeks.  Along the way they will visit different communities to speak with city councils, community groups, and college campuses on the important issue of climate change and solutions.  They will also engage in door-to-door activity and administer a climate survey aimed to assess climate sentiment around the country and how it differs by region. They look forward to publishing their data to help develop effective strategies of climate communication. A pinnacle of their voyage will be a visit to Capitol Hill where they welcome fellow citizens to join them in meeting with members of Congress- A “Day of Congressional Climate Action!” 

​Low-Emissions Path

If all goes well, fuel costs and roadside air pollution will be low! That's because we aim to use a hybrid vehicle for our journey. If you're a car or rental company willing to supply us with an eco-vehicle, please contact us at RoadForAction@gmail.com. And click here to see how we plan to thank you for your sponsorship during our voyage!

Follow Their Journey!

Shahir and Athina will publish daily web and video blogs to bring YOU on their journey.  While they will do plenty of public speaking, much of their journey will consist of listening to the stories of others. By interviewing everyday citizens around the country, they will bring unique climate-related stories right to you. It is important to understand each other if we are going to collectively solve this problem. Tune in to their video blog and follow the journey! 

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Vehicle Sponsor Needed

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​How to Donate

Embarking on this mission means parting with work and pay.  While Shahir and Athina are planning wisely to keep costs low, contributions of any amount are welcome. Trip-related expenses include food, lodging, and renting a zero-emissions vehicle for 10 weeks.  All donors will receive a kind thank you in their video blog and be featured on their testimonials webpage below.

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Email: RoadForAction@gmail.com​​

Invite Them to Speak

Find out if Shahir and Athina are passing through your area by visiting their events calendar. Speaking topics may include a variety of aspects of climate change, such as climate science, impacts, and solutions. 

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Chemical Exposure, Nutrition, & the Environment


"On the Road for Climate action" is sponsored in part by The Shepherd's Village 

The Shepherd's Village is a non-profit organization that develops fresh drinking water systems and sustainable agricultural practices in Africa - a region that is among the most adversely affected by climate change.


On the Road for Climate Action!

Urgent action is required to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change.  The U.S. has an important role to play in leading this action.  However, climate policy and behavioral change have thus far been inadequate, and climate change is ensuing at an accelerated pace.  Shahir Masri is an air pollution scientist and Athina Simolaris is an educator. Together, they are calling on fellow scientists, educators, and others to speak out about the dangers of climate change.  They are also calling on fellow citizens to make climate change policy a central issue in the 2018 midterm elections.  This year they will pause their careers in order to take to the road to advocate for climate action, promote green energy, and identify effective strategies of climate communication. 

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