"Written in an easily understandable and positive style, this concise and refreshing book explains what is true and not true about one of the most important environmental problems of our time, and offers approaches each of us can take to contribute to a more sustainable world."

               —Dr. Arthur Winer,

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

UCLA School of Public Health

​​"If you are confused about any aspect of globate climate change, you need to read this book. Even if you are convinced of its urgency, you will learn a lot you didn’t know."

—Nicholas A. Ashford, PhD, JD
Professor of Technology and Policy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The next generation of climate change activists led by Shahir Masri and his peers is taking over. Shahir’s book Beyond Debate, obliterates the false arguments to do nothing. Though Shahir has a doctorate degree in environmental health and is smart as can be, he writes in everyday language, making climate science readable, and understandable. Clear up all doubt, read this book!"

—Marshall Saunders,

Founder, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

"Dr. Masr is great at explaining and distilling the complicated science of climate change. He writes with personal conviction in a conversational style that is very accessible for general readers. Organized around answering climate change misconceptions, the book serves as a handy reference complete with footnotes to original sources. Beyond Debate is invaluable to climate advocates wishing to reach out to friends, neighbors and elected officials. The book not only increases readers' understanding, but provides hope by pointing to specific actions we can take both collectively and as individuals."

—Bob Taylor,

Freelance Environmental Journalist

"After six years of steady climate advocacy, I though I had heard it all, but Beyond Debate gives easy to understand explanations of things I've longed glossed over. It is a great read for people new to and not new to climate change science."

Mark Tabbert,

Citizens’ Climate Education Governing Board

"Beyond Debate is a "must have" reference for environmental science educators and a great compliment for the classroom. More broadly, this book suits literally anyone seeking to have the necessary background to hold a well-informed conversation about climate change. Dr. Masri equips the reader with clearly presented science that has the power to put to rest, once and for all, commonly held misperceptions that continue to fuel public confusion and stall much needed climate solutions."

—Teri Osborne,

Environmental Science Educator

"A must read! This is by far the most important book written about climate change. Thorough and concise it brings clarity to an issue so often misunderstood. The author writes in an engaging easy to read style as he dissects every detail of every aspect of climate change leaving no stone unturned. Once you read this book you’ll know everything you need to know about what’s happening to our climate, why it’s taking place, and what you can do about it."


​High School Teacher

"Communicating climate change can be difficult. This book allows anyone passionate about the planet to understand the situation further. This book has vastly increased my confidence in speaking to my peers about climate change, and not in the way of talking points, but rather a robust understanding of the systems at play. Thank you for a very important book."​

-Michael Matteson

"In my interactions with people, I often encounter unexpected doubts about climate science. I've heard "but what about volcanoes", "what about China?", and "Aren't cycles normal?" This book provides truthful concise answers in bite sized chunks. I read through it in less than a week (which, for me, is blazing fast). I intend next to make flash cards."


"This book is great! I was a little bit worried as I do not have a science background, but this book is easy to understand, even for the non scientist, and even diving into high level concepts. It will allow you to have a high level conversation about climate change, and also I learned so much that I did not know! It is actually a fun and enjoyable read as well! I highly recommend Beyond Debate to anyone interested in the topic of climate change. It is a must have."


"My Husband had been repeating erroneous claims against climate change that he gleaned from an online Forum. This book listed each of the 50 most common errors and answers them. Now if he says 'What about the cycles, volcanoes,..etc. ?' I can answer his doubts with Science and data."


"Easy to read but still loaded with solid scientific information. I thought maybe starting from what the deniers say would make it all angry and full of push back. Instead its clear the author not only knows what he's saying but he also understands the politics of the issue and why some people get confused, make strange statements or get lost entirely. Even Middle and High School students would be empowered by this book's content."


What if volcanoes are heating the planet?

Maybe solar cycles are to blame! 

Isn’t carbon dioxide good for plants?

These are but a few of the questions on climate change that are addressed in this book. If you think global warming might be serious, but find it hard to know what to believe in the face of conflicting arguments, you must read this book. In Beyond Debate, Shahir Masri clears up 50 of the most common misconceptions surrounding climate change. He simplifies the science and resolves the confusion so that everyone may better understand the issue. 

Now is not the time for silence, but rather a time for conversation and collective action to address greenhouse gas emissions and begin to solve the climate crisis. Action begins with understanding, which Beyond Debate so eloquently offers. Masri conveys a sense of urgency while describing opportunities for hope.

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