Canned Food Study
By Shahir Masri – December 7, 2011
A couple months ago I blogged about the toxicity of plastic water bottles due to BpA and other chemical...

Toxic Water Bottles
By Shahir Masri – September 26, 2011
In the last decade, there has been rapidly growing public concern surrounding the use of certain types...

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Arsenic in Rice – Tips to Lower Levels
By Shahir Masri – May 13, 2015

In my last blog, I discussed arsenic exposure and the largely unknown issue of arsenic in rice. Fortunately for rice eaters...

Arsenic in Rice - Cause for Concern
By Shahir Masri – May 7, 2015
Arsenic is an element with widely recognized toxicity. While most often associated with groundwater contamination....

GMOs: Risks, Benefits, & the Current Context
By Shahir Masri – January 24, 2014
It is worth noting some benefits of agricultural biotechnology.  Aside from pest protection, crops are often modified...

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Happy Earth Day! - Save Energy, Save Money
By Shahir Masri - 4/22/15

Happy Earth Day everyone! This day was inaugurated 45 years ago today, just at the height of what would come to be the environmental...


How much paper does a tree produce?
By Shahir Masri - 7/24/14
Answering this question is not easy because the answer depends on a number of variables, such as the density of the wood...


Conserving Energy for Better Health
By Shahir Masri - 10/10/11
How does flipping on your light switch affect your health?  To answer this, consider the way electricity is...

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Chemtrails Part 3 - Geoengineering Our Sky
By Shahir Masri – February 8, 2015

To conclude this three-part chemtrail blog series, I would like to address geoengineering. Of the various issues...

Chemtrails Part 2 - Government Conspiracy or Public Chemspiracy?
By Shahir Masri – February 3, 2015
Before getting into Part 2 of this chemtrails blog series, I want to remind the reader that I write these articles...

Vaccines and Autism
By Shahir Masri – September 19, 2011
The primary source of ethyl mercury, and the source which has gained the most attention as it relates to this chemicals role...

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