Mark Moehlman, MBA

Managing Director, Beacon Pointe Advisors

Newport Beach, CA

"The Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is my vehicle of choice for promoting environmentally sound, and scientifically based, initiatives to preserve and protect Planet Earth for future generations.  It is my privilege to help financially underwrite the 2018 educational road trip across America of Dr. Shahir Masri, to raise awareness of his scientific efforts on climate change research, in particular, and environmental issues, in general, especially among teenagers and young scientists." 


Mark Tabbert
Citizens’ Climate Education’s Governing Board
Newport Beach, CA

"There are many scientists who get climate change and understand the dire consequences we face if we, as a global community, don't act, but most scientists don't carry the message to the public.  Shahir, like James Hansen and Michael Mann, is doing the right thing.  He is using his knowledge, energy and creativity to go beyond the ivy covered university walls and work for needed change."

​Craig Preston

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Conservative Caucus Coordinator

​Costa Mesa, CA

​"Dr. Shahir Masri is trained, ready and willing to travel the USA.  His message is full of urgency for how we all can get involved in solutions.  Climate change is here and time is of the essence.  I am especially glad to promote and support his trip when I think of all the young people he will mobilize."



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