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Zika Virus – Severity & Extent of Outbreak

By Shahir Masri – October 13, 2016
As you all know, a virus called Zika has created a major epidemic, having even spread to the U.S. In this blog, I’ll highlight...

Zika Virus
By Shahir Masri – October 10, 2016

The current Zika outbreak can be traced to Brazil. Brazil’s National Reference Laboratory confirmed the first cases of Zika....

Ebola Confirmed in Texas!
By Shahir Masri – October 1, 2014
Since my last blog, Ebola has not only worsened in West Africa, but the virus has finally hit the U.S. This is the first time Ebola...

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​​Happy Earth Day! - Save Energy, Save Money
By Shahir Masri - 4/22/15

Happy Earth Day everyone! This day was inaugurated 45 years ago today, just at the height of what would come...

How much paper does a tree produce?

By Shahir Masri - 7/24/14
Answering this question is not easy because the answer depends on a number of variables, such as the density of the wood...


Conserving Energy for Better Health
By Shahir Masri - 10/10/11
How does flipping on your light switch affect your health?  To answer this, consider the way electricity is generated...

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The Impacts of Marine Plastics
By Shahir Masri - 7/22/13
Ocean contamination by plastic pollution is a growing problem worldwide.  Since plastics don’t biodegrade, they persist...

Disappearing Honeybees: What’s Happening and Are We at Risk Too?
By Shahir Masri - 10/9/12
Colony collapse disorder, or CCD, struck the United States during 2006-2007 and other countries soon after....

Pesticides: Natural vs. Synthetic
By Shahir Masri - 9/15/11
Pesticides can be both synthetic as well as natural in origin.  Also known as botanical pesticides, natural pesticides are those which plants...

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