Elizabeth Warren (Dem)


Gifted by: Shahir Masri

Thanks to you, Beyond Debate is in households all over the nation. Yet, this book will be of greatest value to our climate if we can get it in the hands of our elected officials. Thus, we're excited to officially announce our "Gift to Congress" campaign, where you can gift an autographed copy of this book to your Congressperson, along with a personal note. How does it work? Simple! All you have to do is provide the name of your elected official along with a small donation, and we'll do the rest!

What You Do
1. Specify the name/state of your chosen elected official (e.g. Cory Booker, NJ). 
2. Click here to leave a $20 donation.

What We Do
1. Find the shipping address of your elected official.
2. Provide an autographed copy of Beyond Debate.
3. Ship the book to their office, along with your personal note (if requested). 

4. Provide you with the tracking number.

5. List your congressperson and region on this webpage.

6. Feature you in our "Gifted by" section below. 

If you'd like us to ship to more than one elected official, simply adjust your donation accordingly and specify the names of your added contacts. You'll be able to provide all this info as "comments" during the donation process. This is also how you'll provide a personal note (optional), which we'll print and include in your package . If preferred, you may send us your personal note via email (RoadForAction@gmail.com). If we get duplicate requests for the same politician, we'll contact you by email to select a different recipient of your choice.

Kamala Harris (Dem)


Gifted by: Suvan Geer


                        U.S. Senate                                                                           U.S. House of Reps

Current List of Congressional Recipients

Harley Rouda (Dem)

California - District 48

Gifted by: Athina Simolaris

Sending Climate Science to Congress!

U.S. Senate                                                                            U.S. House of Reps

Gift to Congress!

Alan Lowenthal (Dem)

California - District 47

Gifted by: Kathy Bouchard

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Gift to Congress


Garret Graves (Rep)

Louisiana - District 6

Gifted by: Keith Linker