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Beyond Debate: There’s Still Time - June 28, 2019 - By Douglas Craig

​Okay, so let me confess something before I get into this. I don’t like to argue. I really don’t. I’m a bit of a conflict-a-phobe. And in the last 15 years, I have learned to not argue with anyone who is convinced that human beings are not responsible for the current climate crisis impacting our Earth. I avoid this for the same reason I would avoid trying out for the Golden State Warriors. It is futile. I would completely and utterly fail. If someone in 2019 is still a committed denier of anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming...

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Air pollution specialist takes sabbatical to embark on coast-to-coast climate action road tour

UCI Center for Occupational and Environmental Health - August 31

Shahir Masri, an assistant specialist from Dr. Jun Wu’s lab, has taken a sabbatical to embark on a climate change advocacy road trip. He and his partner, educator Athina Simolaris, are currently on a coast-to-coast climate action road tour which will take them through over 35 states in 11 weeks. Masri and Simolaris’s efforts to educate the public about climate change have been reported by several news outlets.

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Climate action tour coming to Cape Cod

Cape Cod Times - August 28, 2018 - By Beth Treffeisen

Air pollution scientist Shahir Masri and educator Athina Simolaris have paired up to travel around the country to mobilize public action on climate change, including next week in several Cape Cod communities. Masri and Simolaris kicked off “On the Road for Climate Action” Aug. 1, starting an 11-week educational climate advocacy tour that will cross 35 states. Along the way, they plan to interview citizens to better understand what aspects of climate change matter most to people. The goal is to educate and inform communities about climate change as well as provide a platform to share stories about those affected by it, according to their website. In the end, they will publish data collected to help develop strategies of climate communication, the website says.

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