About the Mother Earth Project

To raise awareness about sustainability and climate change, Mother Earth Project™ is asking individuals, schools, and communities around the world to create PARACHUTES FOR THE PLANET™. Literally, create a parachute and decorate it with artwork and comments about climate action and "green" living, and then share it with the world. This project is receiving tons of excitement globally! Project co-founder Barton Rubenstein says the the parachutes are a "metaphor for bringing the planet back to a safer place." In addition to art, the project is encouraging people to take a sustainable action each week (give up straws, carry reusable bags, pick up garbage, eat a plant-based diet, etc.). On October 13-14, the project will be hosting its World Inaugural Exhibition in Washington, D.C. "On the Road for Climate Action" is teaming up with Mother Earth Project by carry two very special parachutes across the nation, from California to Washington! One parachute was designed by students at Santiago High School, which pays tribute to "On the Road for Climate Action," while the other parachute is a very exciting inter-tribal parachute comprised of artistic contributions by numerous Native American tribes across the country, including the Las Vegas Indians, Paiute Indians of Utah, Lakota Oglala Nation, and others. Scroll down to see the exciting journey these parachutes have been on!!

Parachutes for the Planet