Chemtrails Part 3 - Geoengineering Our Sky
By Shahir Masri – February 8, 2015

To conclude this three-part chemtrail blog series, I would like to address geoengineering. Of the various issues raised by chemtrail proponents that I've heard, this is the only one that actually has some factual basis. Yet, people still run a bit too wild with it. While I don’t support the geoengineering of our sky, the idea is nothing new, and typically refers to one of two things. It can refer to the spraying of aerosols into the troposphere (lower atmosphere) in order to cause the formation of clouds (through condensation). While this could be a means of generating rain, it has most recently been proposed as a means of reflecting sunlight in order to offset the temperature increases from climate change. 

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Chemtrails Part 2 - Government Conspiracy or Public Chemspiracy?
By Shahir Masri – February 3, 2015
Before getting into Part 2 of this chemtrails blog series, I want to remind the reader that I write these articles as a public health advocate and proponent for the environment. There are sadly a number of public health and environmental atrocities that occur each day, and which we should most certainly be concerned about. That said, it is important that we don't get so carried away with pointing our fingers as to identify atrocities that don't really exist. This is a waste of energy that can be usefully directed to important issues. As for chemtrails, lets again dissect some of the claims one at a time, and decide afterwards if this is anything more than mere public conspiracy. Or as I've referred, "chemspiracy."

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"Chemtrails" - Fact or Fiction?
By Shahir Masri – January 25, 2014
Talk of “chemtrails” has become an increasingly hot topic in certain public arenas. While there is some truth to the issue, there are also so many falsehoods, contradictions, and nonsensical arguments surrounding the topic that it has unfortunately become difficult to discern fact from fiction without expertise in environmental pollution or atmospheric science. Since my focus in graduate school happens to be environmental pollution, and even more specifically atmospheric pollution, I thought it natural, if not my responsibility, to finally shed light on this issue.

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Vaccines and Autism
By Shahir Masri – September 19, 2011
The primary source of ethyl mercury, and the source which has gained the most attention as it relates to this chemicals role in public health, is through vaccinations.  For a number of decades, a compound known as Thimerosal has been used as a preservative in numerous types of vaccines.  It is this preservative which contains the ethyl mercury ion and is in turn the source through which most people, in particular children, are exposed. 

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